Your Car Color

Beyond the brand, model, and options for a car, one of the most exciting elements of purchasing a new car is selecting the color. While some drivers don’t have a preference, others hold definite opinions on what they like and want in a car color, there are some colors people just don’t want.



People in the Valley have a love/hate relationship with black. On the one hand, it absorbs heat, making controlling the temperature in the car difficult on the hottest days. It shows every speck of dirt and ding, as well. On the other hand, black is sleek, powerful, and sexy. So, if the owner is willing to put effort into keeping it clean and protected, it’s an option many find appealing.


White is another car which shows every speck of dirt, and those who buy white cars tend to be the more meticulous car keepers. While some would say that a person who keeps their vehicle super clean is also the type to take care of it, we really couldn’t know.


Red is not for the shy or retiring. There is a myth that red cars get pulled over more often than other colors; however, research doesn’t bear this out. So, feel free to buy your red car, enjoy it, but don’t do anything that might get you pulled over.



Yellow is the color of money when it comes to reselling your car, as yellow cars command an 18% higher resale value than their other-color counterparts according to Other colors which bring in the bucks are green and orange.


Purple will tank in the resell market, along with gold and beige. Unless you’re planning on running your car into the ground instead of selling it, knowing where it fares in the resale market is a useful piece of information.


Blue is the color salespeople wear if they want to convey sincerity, and various shades of blue do precisely that. Whether it’s a soothing soft blue or the deeper ‘sincere’ blue, watch for these colors on salesmen and politicians and virtually anyone who wants you to trust them. Same with a blue car.


Metallics are another kind of color which tank in the resale market. Of course, here in the Valley, the sun wants to eat our paint, and metallics are the first to go south because of their complex construction. So, avoid metallics unless you have a garage to store it or it has such a phenomenal sound system that the color is immaterial.

Regardless of the color of your current car, if you want a no-hassle cash offer, give me a call!

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