How to Choose a Car

In previous blogs, we have touched upon the importance of determining who is going to drive or ride in the car before purchasing it. But, since this is such a critical topic, we thought we’d give it a blog of its own.

Today we’re going to talk about how to choose a car and which elements make it a great buy.

Who is going to drive it?


Remember the movie the Incredibles when Bob Incredible is driving a car which is way too tiny for him? Don’t be that guy! Get a car which fits your frame, whether that means scaling up, or buying something small enough that your feet can reach the pedals without requiring a cushion behind your back.

Who is going to ride in it?

If you need a backseat (or two!) pick a car which will fit your family. Likewise, if you have a long commute, pick something which gets decent gas mileage. Sometimes you have to pick two out of three. It isn’t always easy. Make a list of non-negotiables. Add ‘nice-to-haves’ last. Be careful about what you consider essential: if you do quite a bit of driving, for example, cruise control isn’t a luxury anymore. It’s a necessity.

What is it going to cost per month?

Aside from the payment, there are individual costs which are attached to the ownership of private cars. These typically consist of how much insurance, registration, and maintenance is going to cost, as well as cosmetics such as keeping it clean and waxed: repairs or a warranty are also ongoing expenses.


There are certain other incidentals which have to be considered during the choosing of a car, such as whether or not the vehicle will fit in the garage. Black can be a heat magnet here in Arizona, and if it doesn't have air conditioning, it might not be suitable. Don’t pick a car your spouse hates or can’t drive unless you enjoy living with a quiet, seething resentment.

For those who are on the fence or would instead try several options buying out a lease is the way some drivers get to drive several cars before they choose. We will talk about the merits of this in a future blog. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to get rid of your old vehicle. keep us in mind. We’d love to hear from you!

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