Taking Your Car to Mexico

Living close to the border as we do, we have the opportunity to enjoy some unique vacation destinations. One of these is Puerto Penasco or Rocky Point. But traveling into Mexico requires some planning and a little money.

This is what happens to wrecked cars in Mexico.

This is what happens to wrecked cars in Mexico.

Mexican auto insurance

Your American insurance isn’t valid in Mexico, so you’ll need Mexican auto insurance for the duration of your trip. Fortunately, a traveler can purchase Mexican auto insurance by the day for a modest price. This coverage is only valid in Mexico and can include collision, theft, vandalism, third party liability, medical expenses, legal assistance, and more. At the very minimum, you need collision coverage.

The best way to buy this insurance is to purchase it online before you leave on your trip. If you haven’t decided how long you’re going to stay, plan for the maximum number of days. You can get a quote online with the following information:

  • Driver’s name, address, phone number.

  • Make and model of car

  • VIN

  • License plate number

  • The market value of the vehicle

  • Towing information

If you have any questions about this, talk to your agent.


You can also buy Mexican auto insurance at the border. Regardless of where you get it, make sure you have some!

A U.S. Driver’s license

A US driver’s license is acceptable in Mexico, but be forewarned that we are only talking about Mexico. If you’re planning a multi-country trip, you’re better off if you get an international driving permit. Keep your driver’s license with you at all times when you’re behind the wheel. Keep your registration with your vehicle, as well.

Buying gas


Gas is sold by the liter, so whatever the price is, multiply it by 3.785 if you want to know the price per gallon. Mexico just recently began to allow gas to be sold on the open market, so there will be some fluctuations in price, which never used to be the case.


Follow all laws in Mexico with prudence and respect. You are not ‘innocent until proven guilty’ in Mexico, but your Mexican insurance will at least help show you’re fiscally responsible. Read more about Mexican driving laws, tickets, and accidents here.

Tourist card

Unrelated to your car but still of travel importance is the tourist card. Visitors traveling in Mexico who plan to stay for more than 72 hours or go beyond the border zone should obtain a tourist card. This should be completed regardless of age. Think of it as a ‘visa’, even though it isn’t one. The border zone includes the Sea of Cortez below Tucson, Nogales, and Rocky Point, so if you’re going to one of those places for a three-day weekend, you don’t need the card.

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