Ways Your Car Will Benefit from a Epoxy Garage Floor

One of the things a car owner can choose to do is have epoxy applied to the floor of their garage. Those who want this option are always surprised by the number of benefits it offers. Epoxy is a durable, hugely versatile option which is easy care and will make the garage safer, cleaner, and more attractive at an affordable price. 

Easy to clean

Because the epoxy is smooth, it repels all car fluids, tire marks, and other incidentals which typically mar the floor of a concrete garage. Epoxy also covers surface flaws, making the whole surface stay cleaner because there are no cracks or crevices where dirt can lodge. Because it's smooth, it also reflects light better, making the space brighter. A few swipes of a dust mop will usually take care of any surface dirt, automotive fluids wipe up quickly, and an overall mopping now and then will make the epoxy gleam.

No concrete dust

This flake epoxy is popular with homeowners, but if you go to a car show, you’ll often see solid epoxy flooring!

This flake epoxy is popular with homeowners, but if you go to a car show, you’ll often see solid epoxy flooring!

One of the things which can damage an otherwise pristine paint job on a car is dirt. Think about it: does it make sense for a vehicle which is stored in a building constructed specifically to protect it can be covered with a fine layer of concrete dust caused by the floor of that building? 

Once the floor is coated with epoxy, concrete no longer produces the typical garage dust. Also, the dust which used to enter the home through the connecting garage door no longer wafts inward to add to the cleaning of the house.


Epoxy offers non-slip protection for those who aren't quite as steady as they used to be, making it a terrific option for seniors, especially if they enjoy working on their car in the garage or have their laundry facilities or hobbies stored there. Since epoxy reflects light, the area is brighter, making everything more visible.

Solid epoxy coating.

Solid epoxy coating.


One of the things about epoxy is that it is an economical means of achieving a clean, long-lasting surface. It's impervious to stains, spots, and odors. It can be swept and mopped but requires very little more in the way of maintenance, which adds to its affordability. 


 Epoxy is an excellent investment which offers a considerable return both by providing ease of living and in an appeal if you decide to sell your home. But, the most important thing is that it creates an environment which is ideal for the care of your car. It's an option worth considering if you want the best storage possible for your vehicle.

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