Electric Car News

The car companies are ramping up their electric and hybrid vehicle programs to meet federal mandates. As a result, both lawmakers and consumers are wondering how this is going to affect them and how they can address future needs.

In 2012, consumers had a choice of nine electric or hybrid vehicles from which to choose. Fast forward to today, and there are almost a hundred. But, by 2025, automakers plan to have at least 260 options. So, the electric car game is changing, and Arizonians should expect to change with it.

The government is concerned


Because the road tax is structured around gas tax, the one percent of Arizonians who own electric and hybrid vehicles aren’t paying their share. Lawmakers are concerned, especially since electric cars are on the verge of storming the auto market. The cash for road infrastructure currently comes in the form of a gas tax. It will soon have to come from other sources as gas-driven vehicles dwindle. Individual taxes for electric vehicle users aren’t popular, either. Eventually, this will need to be addressed.

Electric companies cash in—and pay out

Meanwhile, electric companies are thrilled at the surge in electric vehicles. In fact, if a company is a customer in good standing, SRP is offering business owners the chance to cash in. If the company is an SRP customer and installs a Level 2 EV charging port, they are offering a $500 rebate to help defer the cost, which is generally between $500 and $6500. There is a limit of twelve per business, as well. (APS has a ‘Take Charge Arizona program which is similar.)

Businesses can offer this as a way of rewarding their environmentally prudent employees and customers while enacting progressive sustainability options. EV charging stations will come in handy as more companies are opting to make their fleet electric, as well. Given the sheer number of electric and hybrid options set to flood the market, taking advantage of this offer seems like a prudent option.


Ports on the road

Here in Arizona, an electric car owner can park that EV in a space designated for carpools and designated spaces in places like shopping centers and government buildings. There are also free charging stations at several locations throughout the Valley.

Mapping a road trip

For those who hit the road, the Department of Energy maintains a map of charging stations which can be accessed through their websites. While conditions for traveling in an electric vehicle still aren’t ideal, they’re improving. Plans are underway to create an EV infrastructure to meet what is sure to be substantial demand. 

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