How to Take Care of Your New Used Car

So, you bought a car! A number of people bought cars this month. Once the title is in your name and you’ve paid the insurance, you might be asking yourself how you can keep this one on the road a little longer than the last one did. So, today, we’re going to offer you some tips on how to get some good bang for your used car buck.

Keep clean

It’s amazing how regular washing and occasional waxing will make a ride seem like a better car. Even a shiny old Buick is a brilliant car, and subconsciously a person thinks ‘shiny car’ when they get in one.

The second thing a car owner can do, which is a little tougher, is to learn to pack out whatever finds its way into the car after every ride. Being diligent about keeping a car clean is one of the hardest, but most rewarding skills a car owner can learn.

Maintain it diligently

If you take care of your car, you can do a lot of fun things in it.

If you take care of your car, you can do a lot of fun things in it.

Maintenance isn’t just about changing the oil, checking the tires and having the brakes adjusted, but it’s also about responding to an unusual sound or odor. These incidents may be the car trying to communicate an issue before it becomes a big issue.

Park it in the garage

As we mentioned in an earlier post, there are a vast number of people who don’t park their car in the garage. The garage is one of the most significant ways to protect a vehicle, not only from weather, and dirt but also from theft and vandalism. We know car owners who park their car on the street because they have so many artifacts in their garage.

So, parking the car in the garage will make it last longer.

Find a great mechanic

If you don’t do your own car maintenance and repairs, find a great mechanic and visit when it’s time for periodic service or repairs. A mechanic will tell you which repairs are essential and which ones you have a little time to save up until they need to be done.

Keep records

Not only save the records from the previous owner but also, collect the receipts and documents from current repairs. Whether or not you intend to keep a car until it is finally headed for our delightful collection, knowing when the brakes were aligned and who did it may come in hand if you’re ever involved in an accident and subsequent litigation.

Read about it

As soon as you get the car, read the owner's manual from cover to cover. If it didn’t come with an owners manual, they can be obtained relatively cheaply online. Knowing basic information about your car might not save your life, but at the very least, is useful information.

The other thing which may explain a lot about the car is to read the comments of others who own the same make and model as your own. You’ll be amazed at the number of similarities and how they can affect performance, repair costs, etc.

We hope you love your new, used car and that it gives you many years of carefree enjoyment. When it’s time to put that old vehicle to rest, we hope you’ll remember I Buy Junk Cars.

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