A Crash into the Garage Door

One of the things we called for frequently is to offer a cash quote for a car which has been in a single-car crash in the garage. Today we’re going to talk about some of the issues a driver will face if he smashes his automobile or truck in his own garage. It’s one of the problems that drivers face frequently, and a single vehicle accident can offer the potential for the driver to be rattled enough to cause even more damage to the garage door. It can also create a security issue and bring on the tough car and homeowner's insurance questions.

This driver dozed off.

This driver dozed off.


if a driver backs his car or crashes straight into the garage door, it can wind up stuck in the open position. The homeowner, while attempting to close it, may use too much force. It doesn't take much at all to cause even more damage to the belt, chain, motor or opener, none of which are cheap or easy parts to replace.

Security Issues

If there is an existing deadbolt on the attached-garage entry door, the contents of the home are secure until the garage door can be repaired. However, if the homeowner has power tools, sporting goods or bicycles, landscape equipment, and other items of value in the garage, the garage is security compromised, and the door should be repaired immediately by a professional.  

Additionally, the attached garage door may be partially hidden from view of the neighbors by a partially open-but-broken garage door, which makes it easier for opportunistic thieves to attempt a home break-in within the confines of the partially obstructed garage..

A crash into the garage can damage the car, the garage door, and even another car in the garage. No wonder it's so upsetting.

A crash into the garage can damage the car, the garage door, and even another car in the garage. No wonder it's so upsetting.

Insurance Woes

Many homeowners procure vehicle insurance from the same insurance carrier who holds their homeowner’s policy. Technically, damage to the car should be addressed by the auto insurance, but there is always the possibility that the auto only has liability coverage--which only covers the damage for someone else.  The cost of the garage door damage should be handled by the homeowner's insurance, but since a homeowner can’t file a claim against themselves, there is a bit of a legal knot. Often, the savvy homeowner may choose to pay the repairs from his own purse rather than involving his insurance company, in light of not only the deductible but also the potential for an increased premium rate hike in the event the insurance company even agrees to honor the claim.


Unfortunately, both the security question and the repair questions come at a time when the homeowner might be slightly emotional as a result of the mishap. This is the time to take a moment and breathe! The importance of making right decisions can’t be overemphasized. The most natural solution is to get a couple of quotes on the vehicle, the salvage value, and the cost of the garage damage before deciding on whether or not to involve the insurance company.

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