Some Factors to Consider Before You Buy a New Car

It’s no secret that October is the best time to buy a new car if you’re waiting for a particular type and don’t mind this year’s model. Dealerships are getting ready for the new inventory and need to move the rest of their old stock.

You’ll also get a good deal if you buy one on a Monday when the weekend is over, and sales are potentially slow.

If you don’t get one in October, wait to buy during an incentive event, or on certain holidays (Memorial Day, New Years, etc.) If you ever want to see the Motor Vehicle Division office deserted, go on Christmas Eve

If you’re thinking of purchasing another car, here are some guidelines to help you get into position

Research other costs

In addition to the price of the car, spend a few minutes adding up the costs of keeping it running (oil, car washes, etc.), and other expenses such as insurance, registration, and any extras you might need, such as an EVOH, before you purchase

Start making ‘payments’ ahead of time

If you’re thinking of buying a car and making payments, a great way to try it out is to make the payment to your savings account for a few months until you get comfortable with the loss of that money from your discretionary income. If your other costs are noticeably higher, such as insurance, add that into your ‘payment’ as well, so you can get a feel for the drop in income.

Make sure it fits

Many new cars are transported by railroad.

Many new cars are transported by railroad.

Not only should a new car fit your life and family, but it also needs to fit into your space. We know one woman who bought a car, only to discover that, between her washer/dryer setup and other circumstances, the car wouldn’t fit into her garage.

Another related how her husband came home with a new car. It was a two-seater. They have three children. Consider the uses for the vehicle, if you’ll need a rental to take your kids to the ball game, choose another car.

The same is true for amenities. Don’t buy a car without a/c if you live in the Valley, or one without cruise control if you have a penchant for taking long road trips. You’d be surprised how often buyers are blinded by ‘that car!” only to realize in hindsight that it doesn’t fit their needs as well as it could.


If you buy a new car, it will come with a warranty. Make sure you understand the conditions of the warranty before purchasing the vehicle. There are different types of warranties and specific responsibilities which go with them.

As always, if you decide to junk your old car after purchasing a new one, we’re here to help.

If you are in the Phoenix Metro area and want a no-hassle cash offer on an old, wrecked, unwanted, salvage or burned car, SUV, van or truck, give us a call at I Buy Junk Cars 480-771-8290.

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