LYFT makes Inroads in Market Appeal


There are some excellent reasons to use a ridesharing app. Sometimes, a person who has recently sold their automobile will need a ride alternative until they purchase another car.  That's why it caught our eye when Lyft rolled out a limited-time subscription offer for high-use riders, offering 30 standard rides for a $200 monthly fee. A $15 limit defines a standard trip, and, for at least one passenger, their average cost per ride was $7 the previous month, making this a great deal for drivers who require rides on a regular basis, but don't want to use their own car.

Mia M. is one such rider.  Mia, who lives in the Glendale area, works from home and used Lyft as her standard ride while she was on vacation last month. As a result, this month she got the 30 ride offer from Lyft.  While she plans on spending a good portion of the month at home, she’s still considering the Lyft offer. The reason? It’s cheaper to use Lyft than it would be to repair the A/C in her aging Buick. 

“The grocery store is right down the street. But I have to be able to get to the doctor and dentist office, and I’m planning on visiting Los Angeles later this month. At the very least, the $200 would save me from riding around in the sweltering heat while I'm here in the Valley without having to pay to get my car's a/c fixed.”

While Lyft’s higher echelon predicts the end of personal car ownership by 2025, they’re also advocates of levying fines for those who refuse to carpool. Not owning a car entirely may be within the abilities of some, still, others who have the opportunity may be motivated to give up the personal convenience of car ownership to shake free of things like car repair, maintenance, insurance and registration costs. The convenience of having a driver at your fingertips can’t be underestimated, either.

Those who use ridesharing apps offer the reasons they use them:

No need to find or pay for parking

Parking isn’t always a problem, but if you’re ever paying a visit down to the courthouse, hitting the airport or going to a gala in three-inch heels, ridesharing is the way to do it. Not only will you not have to pay for parking, but getting dropped off right at your gate is fabulous.

Always available

Maybe you don’t need an ambulance, but don’t want to drive yourself to the hospital when you think your arm is broken. Or, you’re out of town and want a ride somewhere in the next few minutes. Or your car broke down, and it’s the middle of the night. 

When time is precious

Sometimes it’s better to use the traveling time for something other than driving, so it’s worth a couple of bucks to have someone else drive and be able to enjoy talking to your date or finish that big report instead of doing the driving. 

No reason to panic after having that second--or fourth--drink.

Don’t have a DD? If you think you had one too many, or want to make it home in one piece, sans a DUI or accident, a rideshare is the way to go. 

When people want to ride to an even together, but the car is too small or no one wants to drive, a ridesharing app is awesome.

When people want to ride to an even together, but the car is too small or no one wants to drive, a ridesharing app is awesome.

Can upgrade to invite more friends--or luggage

Need to take five people, but your car is only a two-seater? It’s easy to upgrade your ride to a bigger vehicle for just a few more dollars.

While we don’t think ridesharing is going to take over, it has made life easier for many people. Regardless of the reasons, a monthly subscription to Lyft might not be a bad idea for a heavy user. 

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