Spring Service Maintenance for Your Car

Spring is here, which means it’s time to spring a leak in that cracked radiator hose. 

A few weeks ago we talked about waxing your car’s exterior, which will do a great job helping to protect it from the summer sun. There are other things you can do to protect your car, and many of them are things you don’t usually think twice about. But maintenance will keep your car running well and looking beautiful until the day it goes to the salvage auto yard. 

Liquid gold for your car's engine.

Liquid gold for your car's engine.

Belts and hoses

When you pop the hood, take a moment to look at the belts and hoses. See any frayed belts? What about squishy hoses? A squishy hose is a hose that is getting ready to spring a leak.

Windshield wipers

Most car care places will tell you to replace your windshield wipers in the Spring. I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell you that, instead of replacing those windshield wipers, you buy a spare pair and keep them in the trunk. Sun rot (ultraviolet light) does a number on windshield wipers, so if you park your car out in the sun for any length of time during the day, keeping them in the trunk until it rains is your best option.

The length of time it takes your wipers to die of sun rot is directly proportional to the time between monsoon storms. LOL

The length of time it takes your wipers to die of sun rot is directly proportional to the time between monsoon storms. LOL

Shade screen

Your shade screen is one of the most effective means of keeping your vehicle cool. Oftentimes during the winter, the shade screen, like Christmas decorations in July, loses it’s appeal and winds up getting lost, ruined, or worn out. Take the time to replace it before you burn your hands on your steering wheel.


Keep your ride safe with good tires.

Keep your ride safe with good tires.

April and October are the two best months to buy tires for your car, so if you don’t think the tires you have on there now will last until October, you might consider springing for them now, especially if you have a summer road trip coming up. If they’re in good shape, just an air and rotation check are enough.


Not just the oil (and oil filter!),  transmission fluid, power steering and brake fluid, but also the windshield wiper fluid and even the gas! You’re doing your car a honey, here. Might as well go for broke. If you’re one of those people who uses a premium gas or additives every few months, make this the time. This also includes freon if your car’s air conditioning is going to need a refrigerant recharge sometime soon. You’ll be happier if you don’t wait until it’s blistering hot to have this type of service work done.


In addition to the already-mentioned oil filter, your engine filter, fuel filter, and cabin filter also need to be checked for clogs or damage and changed regularly.

Once summer hits, you’re going to be happy with yourself that you took the time to do the maintenance services on your car while it was still cool. If you have any other routine maintenance which needs to be done, go ahead and schedule that. We’re cheering you on over here.

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