Integrity in the Auto Salvage Industry

There are some shady characters in every business, people who will do the customer dirty and never have a moment of regret. But the auto salvage business full of good people, too, people who treat the customer the way they want to be treated.

So the question is, how can you tell who to good guys are? 

Here are some guidelines to help you recognize an honest buyer when selling your old vehicle to a salvage buyer:

They expedite the process. Many times, an owner will sell a salvage vehicle because somebody is on his back, whether it’s is the municipality where he lives threatening him with a fine, or maybe his wife wants to be able to park in the driveway again. Either way, a customer deserves the respect of a prompt negotiation and removal.

They pay towing. The rule is, if the dealer buys it, the dealer pays for towing it away--end of story. A seller should never be responsible for the tow fees, because the nature of the salvage industry is that these cars are almost never running. They pay cash on the spot. A buyer who negotiates payment for any time after the car leaves the buyer is engaging in subpar business tactics. A seller should get his money at the time of the sale, and it should be cash.

Fair pricing. Individuals who make a living in the salvage industry know what a vehicle is worth. A seller may not. Therefore, it’s up to the buyer to negotiate the transaction fairly, ask for pictures if he isn’t there in person, and ask for details that the seller might not think to provide in order to quote a fair price. He is, after all, the professional.

They never offer you something other than cash. Reputable dealers pay for your car with money. When you sell your car, you can buy your own prize/vacation/other incentive with the cash you get for your vehicle. Anything else an unprofessional tactic at the very least.

They bargain honestly. If the seller is clear about the condition of the car, the buyer should be clear about the price he is willing to pay. There should never be a secondary negotiation at the moment the tow truck shows up.

The paperwork is in order. This means the title is transferred, there is a signed bill of sale and receipt.

The sale leaves the seller feeling satisfied. Satisfied customers are repeat customers for a salvage buyer. Satisfied sellers tell their friends. They write good reviews. Word of mouth is a global capability in this day and age. Ergo, the seller should be happy and feel positive about the sale.

This is not the time for the 'real' negotiation to start. Good buyers bargain fairly.

This is not the time for the 'real' negotiation to start. Good buyers bargain fairly.

The golden rule should be very much in evidence when dealing with a reputable salvage firm. If the seller encounters a situation that makes him feel vulnerable or taken advantage of, maybe that isn’t the right buyer. The truth is, there are a lot of salvage companies, and a seller should only deal with one that treats him right.

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